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The IDF recorded a missile launch from the Gaza strip

Friday, 2 February at 21:35, in the settlements on the border with the Gaza strip siren sounded the «Tseva Adom».

Residents of the local Council of Shaar Hanegev reported that he heard the sound of an explosion.

Press service of the IDF reported that was recorded rocket launch from the Gaza strip into Israel. A search for the crash site of the rocket.

As a result of bombardment nobody has suffered, the damage caused was not.

This attack was the second in recent days: the previous launch of a rocket from Gaza into Israel were recorded at approximately 23:25 on February 1. In response to the rocket fire the Israeli military fired on an observation post of the militants of the terrorist organization Hamas in Northern Gaza on the night of 2 February.

The statistics of rocket attacks on Israel from the Gaza strip:

(statistics takes into account only the rocket attacks, but indicated the total number of victims of rocket and mortar attacks, counting the rockets that fell on Israeli territory)

2018-th year.

January. 5 attacks. 5 missiles. There were no injuries. (2 Feb).

2017-th year. 21 fire 30 rockets. 7 missile defense system shot down. The dead and wounded.

2016-th year. 12 attacks, 16 missiles. The dead and wounded.

2015-th year. 28 attacks, rocket 31. 2 rockets shot down missile defense system. The dead and wounded.

2014-th year. 1.451 fire, 3.686 missiles. 14 killed, 169 wounded. 807 missile defense system shot down.

2013-th year. 31 fired 48 rockets. The dead and wounded. 3 missile shot down missile defense system.

2012-th year. 794 bombardment, 2.078 rockets – 6 dead, 107 wounded. 520 missile defense system shot down.

2011-th year. 229 attacks, about 390 rockets – 3 dead, 38 wounded. 34 missiles were shot down missile defense system.

2010-th year. 86 attacks, about 100 missiles – 1 dead, 2 injured.

2009-th year. 302 fire about 570 rockets – 42 wounded.

2008-th year. 560 attacks, about 1.490 rockets – 7 dead, 162 injured.

2007-th year. 437 attacks, about 760 missiles – 2 dead, 125 injured.

2006-th year. 580 attacks, about 1,020 missiles – 2 dead, 36 wounded.

2005-th year. 123 fire, about 270 missiles – 6 dead, 26 wounded.

2004-th year. 118 attacks, about 260 rockets – 5 killed, 46 wounded.

2003-th year. 80 attacks, about 100 missiles – no casualties.

2002-th year. 17 attacks, about 20 rockets – no casualties.

2001-th year. 5 shootings, 5 rockets – there were no injuries.

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The IDF recorded a missile launch from the Gaza strip 03.02.2018

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