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The IDF registered a missile launch from the Sinai Peninsula

On Tuesday, February 13, around 20:40 the IDF registered a missile launch from the Sinai Peninsula into Israel.

In settlements located on the border with Egypt, no sirens early warning system about the rocket attacks.

Twitter 10-th channel ITV reported that the rocket apparently fell into the area of the military base «Shizafon».

There is no information about injured people or material damage.

The press service of the IDF stressed that while fragments of the rocket is not found, we cannot say that the rocket fell in Israeli territory.

Rocket attacks on Israel from the Sinai Peninsula. Reverse chronology

13 Feb 2018. The IDF has fixed the launch from the Sinai Peninsula.

15 Oct 2017. Sirens warning of rocket fire sounded in the Eshkol. The IDF has fixed the launch of two missiles from the Sinai Peninsula. No one was hurt.

May 23, 2017. Another rocket attack from the Sinai Peninsula. No one was hurt.

10 APR 2017. A rocket fired from the Sinai Peninsula exploded in the Eshkol site. One person needed medical help for the withdrawal of the shock.

20 Feb 2017. The militants fired at the Eshkol site. Media reported that an Israeli drone killed a group of militants involved in the attack.

8 February 2017. Four rockets were fired toward Eilat from the Sinai Peninsula. Three of them were shot down missile defense system «Iron dome.» The rest fell in open areas. No one was hurt.

July 3, 2015. The militants of the «wilayat Sinai» launched three rockets at the Eshkol site. No injuries were reported.

August 2, 2014. Regular shelling of Israeli territory from Sinai. Three rockets exploded in the territory of the local Council of Shaar Hanegev. No group has claimed responsibility for the attack.

24 July 2014. Attempted rocket attack on Eilat from the Sinai. Missile shot down missile defense system «Iron dome.»

July 15, 2014, on the eve of the expected announcement of the ceasefire in the Gaza strip after a week of operation protective edge, terrorists fired on Eilat. In the city blew up three rockets. Slightly injured two people.

31 Jan 2014 Eilat was fired from Sinai. A rocket fired at the city were shot down by missile defense battery «Iron dome». Responsibility for attack was assumed by the terrorist organization «Ansar Bayt al-Maqdis».

January 20, 2014 Eilat came under rocket attack. Two rockets exploded near the city, without causing damage.

In 2013, there were recorded three attacks: August, July and April. In April, for the first time in the history of the shelling of this city signal «Tseva Adom». But many residents and visitors to Eilat are not accustomed to such warnings about the shelling, did Serena did not respond.

During 2012, the year was recorded three attempts of rocket attacks on Eilat in April, in June and in August. After last year’s attacks no one was hurt and no damage.

In August 2010 the city of Eilat were fired with «grad»missile. Two rockets crashed at the Gulf of Eilat, one exploded in open areas in Eilat, two in Aqaba (Jordan) where as a result of explosion 6 persons were injured. Then the representatives of the Egyptian security forces stated that the shelling fired from the Sinai Peninsula, the militants of the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas.

Earlier, the Eilat also fired missiles in April of 2010, nobody was hurt.

August 19, 2005, terrorists fired rockets at two U.S. warships stationed in the port of Aqaba, but missed: one of the rockets fell near the Eilat airport, slightly injuring a taxi driver, the other landed in a Jordanian military hospital, killing one soldier. Responsibility for the attack took on the group «brigades of Abdullah Azzam» associated with «al-Qaeda». The perpetrators of the attack were sentenced in Jordan to death.

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The IDF registered a missile launch from the Sinai Peninsula 14.02.2018

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