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The incident with the soldiers in Jenin. Comments company Waze

The IDF continues to investigate the circumstances under which two IDF soldiers were in Jenin.

Monday, February 12, two IDF soldiers, a boy and a girl, came to Jenin. The soldiers claim that they went the route of a mobile app Waze from Shave Shomron to bet Shemesh, and I don’t understand how they ended up in an Arab town in the territory of the autonomy.

The locals greeted the Israeli soldiers with a hail of stones. Radio «Kahn Beth» reported that the military was able to avoid a Lynch due to the Palestinian police, who brought them to Israel.

In the photos, which were published by the Palestinian and Israeli media, you can see that the face of the girl-soldier was in the blood. In the hospital in Afula, the doctors checked and said that a soldier doesn’t have a concussion. However, she stay the night in the hospital.

In addition, it was reported that one of the soldiers was kidnapped in Jenin weapons.

On the evening of the 10-th channel ITV reported that the IDF contacted the Palestinian security services and said that the machine is theirs. The Palestinians have expressed willingness to return the weapons to the Israeli military.

Company Waze also commented on the incident in Jenin. In a statement the company said that the default application is configured so that it does not routes through dangerous areas or areas which are forbidden the entry of Israelis. In addition, if the vehicle enters the forbidden zone, the application throws this warning.

The incident with the soldiers in Jenin. Comments company Waze 12.02.2018

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