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The interior Minister intends to postpone the introduction of biometric documents

Radio station «Sieves Beth» reported that interior Minister Arye Deri intends to nine months to extend the «trial period», during which the receipt of «smart» documents, containing biometric information about their owners, is strictly voluntary.

Commenting on his decision, Aryeh Deri said that he needs time to thoroughly study the problem and see the point of view of supporters and opponents of the new documents.

The law on biometric passports was adopted in Israel in 2009. If the need for the issuance of a modern identity document agreed almost all, the creation of centralized biometric storage was criticized by human rights organizations who are quick to call the law the «law of big brother».

The experimental period was scheduled to end on 29 June 2015, but was extended until March 2016 by the order Silvan Shalom, who led in that period the Ministry of internal Affairs.

The state auditor Joseph Shapira, in his report published in the summer of 2015, expressed doubts about the need for biometric databases, and «smart passports». The report indicated that the interior Ministry argued the necessity of establishing a biometric database, reliability of the new types of documents that will help end the phenomenon of «identity theft». However, the Ministry did not provide statistics or data on how often such «thefts» occur in Israel. Yosef Shapira in his report recommended that the Ministry of internal Affairs before the end of the trial period to publish the data that would explain the need for expenses associated with implementation of a new type of document.

During the audit conducted by the office of the auditor General also revealed that during the year were fingerprinted at 430 the citizens of Israel. However, for fingerprinting was used the wrong scanners. Approximately 7% of cases, the smart document does not identify its owner even on the third attempt. In 35% of cases failures occur in the identification procedure. After the purchase of new scanners for the Israelites, whose documents were not as «smart», what would have to be, again protium scan.

The interior Minister intends to postpone the introduction of biometric documents 29.02.2016

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