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The investigation into the murder of a terrorist in Hebron: the military police will interview witnesses-Arabs

The fourth day the main theme of the Israeli media remains an investigation against a soldier of the IDF, March 24, shot the terrorist in Hebron.

Military police intended to interview all witnesses to the incident, including the Arabs, who were watching the event after two terrorists armed with knives, attacked the soldier at the crossroad Gilber in the Hebron area of tel-Rumeida.

March 25, a military court extended the arrest of the soldier shot dead lying on the ground a terrorist, for five days. Military office of public Prosecutor suspects him of premeditated murder.

The name of the soldier is still prohibited for publication by the court, proglucagon his arrest.

Before they organized several actions in support of the soldier shot dead a terrorist, including Tzrifin near a military base, where he is under arrest. The participants of these actions claim that the prosecution of soldiers killing terrorists, weakens the state of Israel and harms the security of citizens.

The family of a detainee soldier made in the evening of 26 March with a press statement. According to relatives of this soldier that he made a «Tribunal» before she could speak out and explain their actions. Sister soldier, speaking on behalf of the family, said the chief of the General staff and the head of the press service of the army, as well as numerous politicians and journalists for his public attack on a soldier has actually condemned him, and did so only on the basis of the video, distributed by the Pro-Palestinian organization, B’tselem, which creates a very one-sided picture of the incident. Addressing an army command and the government, sister soldier asked why they made that massacre, after which the chances of a fair trial tend to zero. She noted that her brother was always distinguished by discipline, and a year ago was awarded the title of excellent student services, and mobilization, either at the time wasn’t involved in any extremist activities.

March 24, at the crossroads of Gilber in the Hebron area of tel-Rumeida two Arab terrorists armed with knives, attacked soldiers and wounded one of them. The attackers opened fire: one of them (Ramzi al-Kasrawi) was killed on the spot, the second (Abd al-Fattah al-Sharif) was wounded. On the scene arrived the ambulance «Magen David Adom». After the wounded soldier was put in the ambulance, an incident occurred that caused the trial. The human rights organization B’tselem published a video that shows what happened. This three-minute video (stills with 1:50 to 1:55) shows how one of the soldiers shoots al-Sharif, who lay on his back. The bullet hit in the head, and the terrorist was killed. Shortly thereafter, the soldier who made «control shot», was arrested.

Lawyer Benjamin Malka, representing the interests of the detainee, in the evening of March 24, told reporters that the video «B’tselem» notably, al-Sharif started to move. Because, despite the hot weather, the terrorist was the jacket, there was a danger that under his clothes he’s hiding an explosive device. According to the lawyer, the soldier shot responded to a bomb threat.

In addition to videos of the incident distributed by the organization B’tselem, there are others, and one of them is heard as, presumably, the medic says that the terrorist has a bomb, and it must not be dealt before arrival of sappers.

Note that, as a rule, in such situations, neutralized the terrorists stripped, to make sure that the body is not explosive devices or what’s under the clothes are not hidden weapons.

The commander of the brigade, which serves soldiers, reprimanded the commander and two section commanders because they failed to timely inspection neutralized the terrorist.

On 24 March Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu stated that the incident «is not consistent with the values of the IDF». «The IDF expects from the military that they will not lose self-control and will act in full accordance with the rules of opening fire,» said the head of government. Similar comments were made by defense Minister Moshe ya’alon. Later, Netanyahu said that should await the outcome of the investigation.

The leader of the United Arab list in the Knesset Ayman Ude accused Israel of «penalty» neutralized terrorist.

The leader of the party «Our home Israel» Avigdor Lieberman said that «violent attacks on soldier’s unfair and hypocritical». «I’d rather the soldier be wrong – but to stay alive than to be killed by a terrorist due to the fact that tarried. And Ayman Ude, who accused Israel in the execution of a terrorist, I strongly recommend to go to live in Syria, or to join the Hezbollah. There will Ude be able to fully experience all the delights of Arab democracy, which is what he deserves,» said Lieberman.

The investigation into the murder of a terrorist in Hebron: the military police will interview witnesses-Arabs 27.03.2016

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