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The Iraqi army drove the Kurds from Kirkuk, media reports about Iran’s track

Units of the Iraqi army established control over the city of Kirkuk. The strategic town, which is inhabited predominantly by the Kurds, the center of the oil-rich province.

September 25 residents of Kirkuk took part in the referendum on the independence of Iraqi Kurdistan. Despite the fact that the province is not part of the Kurdish Autonomous region of Iraq, its population supported the separatists.

Before the referendum, the Central government invited the President of the Kurdish Autonomous region Massoud Barzani to negotiate. Only after the will he expressed his willingness to engage in dialogue, however, the official Baghdad has taken an extremely tough stance, in fact, blocking Kurdish land.

October 16, the Iraqi army went on the offensive. Anti-terrorist units of the interior Ministry, re-trained American commandos took only a day to knock out Kurdish units «Peshmerga» from the center of the city.

The Kurds withdrew without offering resistance. The only place where there was fighting, became the southern outskirts of the city. The parties do not report the loss, however, according to local residents, both sides have killed and wounded.

We will add that many of the media, and in particular the website of The National Interest, argue that the «Peshmerga» just evacuated Kirkuk. According to them, this was the result of agreements reached with the mediation of the commander of a division of «al-Quds» Islamic revolutionary guard Corps, General Qasim Soleimani.

According to publications, the last time a senior IRGC twice visited the Kurdistan region of Iraq, taking part in the funeral of former President of Iraq, Jalal Talabani. It is noteworthy that the negotiations with the Kurdish commanders on behalf of Iraq were commanders of the Shiite militias, effectively subordinate Iran.

The Iraqi army drove the Kurds from Kirkuk, media reports about Iran’s track 17.10.2017

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