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The is militants have killed 25 «spies»

Terrorist group «Islamic state» has killed 25 citizens of Iraq that the jihadists suspected of passing information to the enemy. They were herded into a bomb in the building that was then blown up.

The massacre occurred amid a new attempt by the Iraqi army and Kurdish self-defense groups «Peshmerga expand offensive on Mosul – the Northern capital of Iraq and the largest town controlled by jihadists.

Kurdish militias have cleared militants from several villages on the outskirts of the city and at the moment are 30 kilometers from Mosul. Their offensive supported from the air by aircraft of the international coalition.

Mosul has for the «Islamic state» and symbolic meaning. It is here that the leader of the jihadist Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi proclaimed the establishment of the «Caliphate». Its loss would mean the defeat of the groups in Iraq.

The capture of Mosul was announced by the government of Haidar al-Abadi, the main goal of the military campaign of 2016. USA, said earlier that U.S. troops will not participate in ground operations, sent to Northern Iraq of hundreds of special forces soldiers.

The is militants have killed 25 «spies» 15.08.2016

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