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The Israeli «friends» with the Arabs against Iran. Review of the Russian media

The newspaper «Kommersant» published an article entitled «Israel’s friends against Iran», which States that the Jewish state and the Arab Gulf countries, do not have formal diplomatic relations and are technically at war, nevertheless found a common enemy.

The authors report that for quite a long time, they share intelligence, and shortly before the signing of the agreement on the Iranian program in the press leaked the information that Israel and Saudi Arabia is ready to conduct a joint operation to destroy the nuclear facilities in Iran. And, judging by the words of Israeli defense Minister Moshe ya’alon, his country fully sympathized with the concerns of the Gulf monarchies: «Even if Iran decides not to break the agreement early, the date of its expiration is not too far – only 15 years old».

Immediately before the signing of the agreement on Iran the US in all possible ways sought his consent on the part of Israel and Arab monarchies and got them. Ya’alon’s words indicate that neither Israel nor the Arab countries are not inclined to take seriously the forced consensus obtained under obvious pressure from Washington.

The same magazine publishes an analytical article by Sergey Manukov in which the reader uncovers «secrets of the Riyadh court.» And explains who in Saudi Arabia claims to have not vacated the Royal throne. King Salman can justify the forecasts made a year ago on the eve of his coronation. A number of experts claimed that Salman will go down in history as the monarch who reigned less than all of its predecessors. Riyadh traditionally stores on the health of senior members of the house of Saud completely silent, but according to rumors, his Majesty has diagnosed a whole bunch of diseases, including dementia.

The second reason is, according to the analysts, the compliance capabilities of the new monarch standing in front of him and the Kingdom of the tasks. Voluntary Forbearance from the throne in the history of the largest Arab Kingdom was not yet, however, king Salman wants, nevertheless, to pass the crown. Not the crown Prince, as the tradition requires and his Deputy. The cause of the strange somersault, representing a clear violation of unwritten rules, is clear: the crown Prince is now the king’s nephew, Prince Mohammed bin Naif al-Saud (Min), and his Deputy was the son of a king, Prince Mohammed Ibn Salman al-Saud (IIA).

With entering the stage of youth in the Kingdom might start a fierce struggle for the throne, in which these princes will not stop at nothing, and seizing power, they will ruthlessly cracking down on opponents.

«Sands called the main goal of the truce in Syria» – the title of an article in «Rossiyskaya Gazeta», which States that Russia and the U.S. aim to stop unnecessary bloodshed, to continue to fight terror and achieve political settlement in that Arab country.

«Now the main task that is faced with the adoption of this statement, Russian and American side, is to stop unnecessary bloodshed, to continue the fight against terror and thus contribute to the political settlement in this country.» – told reporters the President’s press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, commenting on the President in connection with the adoption of the joint statement of Russia and the U.S. on Syria.

Americans are no longer considered Russia the main opponent of the United States, believing that the main threat to their country comes from North Korea. This is evidenced by data the sociological research conducted by Gallup. Over the past year significantly increased the number of Americans who see Russia in a positive light: with 24 to 30 percent, according to another article published by the same publication.

«The hostile image of Russia probably was the result of a very negative perception in ruling circles of the USA and the negative media coverage the role of Russia in the Ukraine crisis,» suggests the author of this article

The representative of the Higher Committee on negotiations of the Syrian opposition, Naasan yeah opposed Bashar al-Assad holding on in Syria of the parliamentary elections on 13 April 2016, informs «Interfax».According to the Agency, the opposition leader said that a General election is impossible in a country that is at war.

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The Israeli «friends» with the Arabs against Iran. Review of the Russian media 23.02.2016

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