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The Israeli military began work on the detection of tunnels on the border with Egypt

The Israeli military began work on the detection of tunnels on the border with Egypt, according to radio station «Kan bet». Previously, such work was carried out solely along the border with the Gaza strip.

In the report of the state radio said that the purpose of the work on the border with Egypt, which established the border of the barrier is to prevent possible infiltration of terrorists into Israeli territory. Obviously, we are talking about the desire to protect not only civil but also military facilities.

Detailed information on this subject is not yet published.

Recall that in Egypt near the border with Israel, there are Salafist groupings «wilayat Sinai», associating himself with the «Islamic state».

In February this year it was reported that the IDF had received from Caterpillar 20 pieces of heavy engineering equipment, designed to deal with tunnels on the border of the Gaza strip, the demolition of the concrete fortifications of the enemy and rescue operations in case of natural disasters. It was noted that we are talking about the first batch of bulldozers, significantly more environmentally friendly, more effective and powerful than those that were in service with the IDF until now. It was reported that in Israel, the bulldozers will take additional modernizatio the needs of the IDF.

During the antiterrorist operation «Indestructible rock» (summer 2014) was discovered dozens of tunnels that led from Gaza into Israeli territory. Largely, for the destruction of these tunnels, it was decided on holding the ground operation in Gaza. Just then it was destroyed 32 of the tunnel terrorists. The last such tunnel was destroyed by the military in February 2015. But after the operation «Indestructible rock» on the detection by the Israeli military new tunnels of the terrorists was not reported, although residents of the settlements located near the Gaza border, have repeatedly stated that I hear echoes of the underground works. In some cases, the facts continue construction of a Hamas «terror tunnels» have been confirmed.

After August 2014, the IDF completed an operation «Indestructible rock», the command «Izaddina brigades of al-kasama» (armed wing of Hamas) have made significant efforts to restore the bases in Beit Hanoun, Shujie and Khan Yunis. Special attention pays Hamas underground utilities, which is provided by redeployment of militants and implemented approaches to rocket mines. In addition, thousands of employees were involved in the restoration of old and creation of new tunnels on the borders of Gaza – on the southern direction, where the tunnels crossed arms and goods from Egypt, and on the East and North direction, where the tunnels allow militants to enter Israeli territory. In the construction of these tunnels used concrete which are smuggled from Egypt, including from individuals who are not able to complete the rehabilitation of their homes due to lack of funds and materials, and therefore sold the concrete for the Hamas, as well as the materials that Gas received as humanitarian aid.

Over the past few years the Egyptian military has destroyed more than 1,500 tunnels on the southern border of the Gaza strip. In 2015, the program was initiated for the total elimination of such underground utilities and to prevent further attempts at construction of tunnels. Egyptian authorities, despite protests from Hamas leadership, continue the flow of sea water through the pipes from the Mediterranean sea along the border with the Gaza strip with the goal of complete elimination of underground tunnels used by smugglers and terrorists.

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The Israeli military began work on the detection of tunnels on the border with Egypt 04.08.2017

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