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The Israeli police received a water cannon with a laser sight

The enterprise, located in kibbutz Beit Alfa, a ceremony was held in honor of admission to the armed police water cannon of the sixth generation. The ceremony was attended by members of the operational management, led by major General Alon Levavi.

As the press service of the police, the water cannon is one of the most common means of dispersal of demonstrations and non-lethal effects. It is installed on an armored car, equipped with additional means of protection.

The grille protecting the windshield, for the first time equipped with an electric drive. The front of the machine is equipped with blade, like a bulldozer. It allows you to remove built in path of the cannon boom.

The hose is equipped with a laser sight, providing the most accurate guidance, and a special camera will enable you to identify rioters from a distance of 200 metres. Water cannon can be used to extinguish fires.

«The police checks and other non-lethal tools to reduce the number of victims of the crackdown of the demonstrations. However, the jet is one of the most effective such tools. He will protect those who protects the law», — said the General Levavi.

In the next few days the remedy will go into service of the Northern district police. In total 14 police have water cannons, dispersed throughout the territory of Israel.

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The Israeli police received a water cannon with a laser sight 02.08.2017

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