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The Israelis asked the court to prohibit his wife to use Facebook and Instagram

Resident of the center of the country appealed to the family court with a request to forbid his wife to use Facebook and mobile apps. According to the plaintiff, which in this case is sarin Solan, his wife experiences a painful dependence on the Internet and mobile applications such as WhatsApp.

According to «Maariv», less than a year ago, the woman who for thirty years, started to use Facebook, having found through a social network of childhood friends. Her husband says that at this stage the spouse acted appropriately. But then, she began to chat in social networks with everyone, adding in friends of perfect strangers people. She has created several accounts on the social network. In total, she «made friends» with 33.000 Internet users, of which 28.000 are men.

The woman’s spouse says that his wife at the same time corresponds with dozens of men in the social network and WhatsApp. From time to time men call her on the phone. The husband of a woman convinced that she was cheating on him.

The man says that Internet addiction, which affects his wife, similar to drug addiction. A woman can no longer take care of the family, she can’t work.

The plaintiff in his appeal to the court indicates that the life of his family turned into a nightmare.

The man asks the court to temporarily prohibit his wife to chat online so that it is after 16 years of married life could decide what to do next.

The website «Maariv» notes that the tragedy occurred in the family of a businessman, known in business circles of Israel.

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The Israelis asked the court to prohibit his wife to use Facebook and Instagram 24.09.2017

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