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The Israelis will no longer be able to obtain the documents without biometric data

June 1 comes into force a Law on the inclusion of means and biometric identification data in identification documents and in a database. Amendments to this law, approved in 2009, were adopted in 2017.

Although formally the people of Israel there are two days left to order your documents in the old format, technically to do this is impossible, since the Management offices of population registration and immigration closed due to the holiday of Shavuot.

Thus, any resident of Israel who wishes to obtain or renew documents, now you can only get biometric documents of the new format.

What is a biometric document?

In this case, the identity card, passport or Lesse passe that carries biometric information. This information allows you to confirm the identity of the document holder.

What is biometrics?

Biometrics is a way of displaying unique for each person physiological data that can be described in a digital format as a parameter to uniquely identify.

Which biometric data will be included in the documents of the new type?

In the new biometric documents inserted chip, which contains face images and fingerprints of two fingers of the owner.

Why you need biometric documents?

Israeli old documents can be easily forged and frequently used for criminal and terrorist activities. The transition to biometric documentation is intended to change the situation. In addition, biometric documents allow faster to cross the state border, and in the future with their help will be provided and other services, including remote.

What is a biometric database?

Biometric database – a secure computer database that is not connected to any network and containing photographs of the faces of the citizens applying for documents of the new format. The biometric database are also stored fingerprint images of two fingers of a human that gave his consent.

According to the explanation of the interior Ministry, the goal of creating a biometric database to prevent instances of theft of identity.

Do I have to be fingerprinted to get the document?

To get the document required to take photos and hand prints of two fingers. This information will be stored in the chip of the issued document. At the same time, it is possible to refuse the office of the population register in the request to save fingerprints to the biometric database. In this case the fingerprints will be registered in the database for verification and then deleted from it.

Persons under 16 years cannot give consent to store their fingerprints in the database. Persons under the age of 12 years, the fingerprints will not be charged.

Will there be any sanctions for failure to preserve the fingerprints in the biometric database?

A person who has given consent to the storage of fingerprints in a biometric database, get identity documents, valid for up to 10 years. A person do not consent to the preservation of fingerprints in the biometric database, will receive identity documents, valid for up to 5 years. Documents with validity up to 5 years will be identical to the documents with a validity of up to 10 years in all, with the exception of the period of validity.

Can I change my mind and claim to remove fingerprints from the database?

If the person who provided the fingerprints, would require their removal from the database, the fingerprints will be purged within 48 hours, and with redundant servers – for 90 days. While the previously issued documents will become invalid and a new one (with a validity of up to five years) will have to do for an additional fee. To file a petition for the removal of fingerprints from the database will be starting from 1 September 2017.

A minor or an incapacitated person has the right to ask about the removal of his fingerprints from the database, without the need for the consent of a parent or guardian. Fingerprints of persons under the age of majority as of June 1, 2017, and received biometric documentation during the trial period will be deleted from the database automatically, without needing to appeal to the office. Thus issued will remain in force.

Who will have access to the biometric database?

The biometric database is managed by special Management of the biometric database, and is not subject to the Control of population registration and immigration. In addition to staff management, from 1 April 2019 information from the database will be able to get the police or the General security service (Shin bet). However, for this they required the sanction of the court.

It should be emphasized that the law enforcement agencies will not have direct access to the database. Upon receiving judicial authorisation, they will be able to submit the request to the office of biometric databases. The requested information after the additional compliance of the procedures they will receive from the management staff.

Would it be possible to get the documents without biometric data?

Only in emergency cases. For example, in the case of travel abroad with an expired passport at the airport, you can issue a passport with limited validity, which in return will have to change in the biometric document.

What will become of the old-style documents?

Documents of the old sample will remain in force until the expiration they expire, after which they will need to be replaced with biometric documents. ID have not specified an expiration date, will expire in 2022.

How much is the biometric documents?

Tariffs for issuing of documents is not changed due to the transition to the new format. The only exception is if before the expiry of the validity of the document in the old format remained more than two years, you can replace it with a biometric document for free.

To see the entire pay scale here.

How to order and receive new documents?

To begin the process of paperwork and make payment through the Internet on the website of the Department of population registration and immigration. In most cases it will cost you cheaper than personal appearance in branch management.

After this you need to be in branch management, taking the ID card and previous passport. Minors and legally incapacitated, you must be with parent/s/guardian, as under the old rules. Minors may be for registration ID, unless accompanied by a parent if he does not want to give consent for the preservation of fingerprints in the biometric database.

Need to take a passport photo there. Photography is done on site with special equipment. However, the processing of a document for children under 6 years are recommended to bring a photo passport size 3,5×4,5 cm

The finished ID card will be delivered to the place of postmaster of Israel within 14 days after receipt of the notice on readiness of the document. Passport/Lesse pass will be sent by registered mail within 10 working days.

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The Israelis will no longer be able to obtain the documents without biometric data 30.05.2017

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