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The Israelites were allowed to celebrate the New year

Environment Minister Zeev Elkin (Likud) supported the initiative of the Deputy of Constantine Razvozov («Yesh Atid») and amended instructions to prevent damage from the noise.

In accordance with the amendment, from now on, Israeli citizens will be able to celebrate the New year without fear that they will be fined for a noise violation. Up to the present time unlimited in time, the celebration was allowed only on independence Day, Purim, Jerusalem Day and in Misano (festival of the Moroccan Jews, celebrated on the last day of Passover). Now these holidays have been added and the New year.

In December 2017, Constantine Razvozov («Yesh Atid») presented at a plenary session of the Knesset a bill the purpose of which was to allow the celebration of the New year all night long without fear of getting a fine for a noise violation. «The community of immigrants from the Soviet Union deserves to have the government considered our traditions, just as it is with traditions of immigrants from other countries. If the government supports a broad and noisy celebration Mimouni, there’s no reason not to support and celebrate our New year. In addition, more and more natives of the country believe the New year is a full holiday and celebrate it,» said Constantine Razvozov.

«This amendment is a logical continuation of my initiative to make January 1 a list of paid working days which the Israelis have the right to declare a public holiday («Yom bhira»). I’m glad to contribute to the fact that immigrants from the former Soviet Union can live in Israel without giving up their traditions, and celebrate favorite holiday,» — said the Minister of environmental protection, Zeev Elkin.

The Israelites were allowed to celebrate the New year 03.08.2017

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