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The Japanese authorities give advice: what to do in case of nuclear attack from North Korea

The Japanese government regularly instructs citizens on how to behave in the event of a nuclear attack by North Korea: according to Japanese experts, they should lie down or to seek shelter.

These 30-second clips sent by satellite alert system, J-Alert, is sent through speakers installed throughout the country, published 70 papers and 43 of the channel – transmission will continue until mid-July, according to Japanese news Agency Kyodo News.

Officials are advised to seek shelter underground or in a fortified concrete building. The government also intends to take measures to ensure security, and in the country at this time, there is a sharp increase in demand for nuclear bunkers domestic production.

In addition, people are recommended to move away from Windows, cover your head if they are in the open, or hide behind any solid object.

Recall that the DPRK conducts regular tests of ballistic missiles capable of carrying a nuclear warhead. In may this year three of them fell into the water in the area of the economic zone of Japan is approximately 240 km
from the coast of the Northern Prefecture of Akita.

In the same month, North Korea warned that Japan, «which is the logistics base of the United States» will be «covered with a radioactive cloud», if nuclear war will break out on the Korean Peninsula. This article was published by North Korean state newspaper «Rodon Sinmun», reminiscent of the British tabloid The Daily Mail.

The Japanese authorities give advice: what to do in case of nuclear attack from North Korea

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