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The Japanese Parliament adopted the law about the abdication of the Emperor

The upper house of the Japanese Parliament unanimously adopted a law permitting the transfer Chrysanthemicola the throne during the life of the current Emperor Akihito, according to RIA Novosti.

The law consists of five major and 11 additional articles. The document provides for the «succession, given the advanced age of the Emperor, his desire and the understanding that this met the people.»

While in approved by Parliament, the act does not specify that such transfer of the throne will be possible in the future.

Akihito needs to pass the throne to heir no later than three years after the promulgation of the law. A specific date will be determined after the negotiation with the Imperial family. However, according to experts, the abdication could happen by the end of the 30th year of the reign of the Emperor in December 2018.

8 August 2016, the Japanese television broadcast a video message of Emperor Akihito to the people. Then the Emperor expressed concern about the fact that it is harder to cope with their responsibilities. While words about the renunciation, not heard and could not sound, since, in accordance with the post-war Japanese Constitution, the Emperor has no right to make political statements.

The intention Akihito to abdicate it was reported in July of last year. His heir is the eldest son, the crown Prince, Naruhito.


Akihito, Prince Cpuname was born on 23 December 1933 at 06:39 on Japanese standard time in Tokyo. Akihito is the eldest son and fifth child of Emperor Hirohito and Empress of Kozun. Prince Akihito studied at the school for children of nobility (kazoku) University Gakushuin from 1940 to 1952.

Along with the traditional Japanese mentor of the Imperial family S. Koizumi Prince was also an American tutor, Elizabeth gray Vining, the famous author of children’s books, which helped the Prince in learning the English language and Western culture.

In 1952, the Prince was received at the Department of politics, faculty of politics and Economics University Gakushuin, in November of the same year he was officially declared the crown Prince.

While still a student, and crown Prince Akihito in 1953, undertook a six-month trip to 14 countries in North America and Western Europe. The Central part of this trip was his visit to London as a representative of Emperor Hirohito at the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II.

The University was successfully completed in March 1956, and in April 1959 the crown Prince married Michiko Seda, eldest daughter of Hidesaburo Seda, President of a large milling company. Thereby been violated the centuries old tradition that requires members of the Imperial family to choose their wives from the girls exclusively aristocratic.

Seda Michiko was born in Tokyo on 20 October 1934. Her family, representatives of the highly educated intelligentsia. Two members of this family was awarded the order «For merits in the field of culture» – the highest academic award which the Emperor honors outstanding scientists.

Emperor Akihito is interested in biology and aquatic science. Already published 25 scientific papers on marine gobies. In 1986 he was elected an honorary member of the London Linnaeus society – an international society of biologists. After a trip to USA Akihito urged the Japanese to breed the American bream. The Japanese followed his advice, and as a result of the bream started to oust the Japanese fish in the waters of Japan, in connection with what Akihito made a public apology to the Japanese people.

Also, Akihito is interested in history, loves horse riding and tennis with his future wife he met on the court. In the Imperial couple have three children.

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The Japanese Parliament adopted the law about the abdication of the Emperor 09.06.2017

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