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The Jerusalem resident Andrew Wilkerson charged with murder

Thursday, June 15, the prosecution presented surrounded by a Jerusalem court indictment against Andrew Filerskogo, resident detained for the murder of a neighbor Themselves round the corral.

Claire Karavali, cohabitant Filerskogo, is accused of helping him after the crime – destruction of evidence and interference with the course of the investigation.

The murder was committed on may 10. According to the indictment, between Wilkerson and Coralie there was an old conflict, against the background of the lawsuit that was filed against the accused for illegal construction. The day of the murder between the two men quarrel broke out, during which Wilczenski grabbed the axe and struck his opponent a few powerful blows from which Coralie died.

According to the investigation, Wilczenski dragged the body into the house, where he dismembered him and buried him in a public Park.

After a few days the friends of the deceased told the police about his disappearance. Arrived in the apartment investigators discovered that the door was not locked and began to investigate. At the same time, police received a report about two suspicious people seen in the Park the night after the murder. Adolescents reported that unknown pushed the stroller, which was a large black bag.

After collecting initial information, the suspicion fell on the accused. The house was searched, and police found evidence linking them to the crime. As a result quickly-search actions it was found the body of the victim.

Simultaneously with the filing of the indictment, the prosecution asked the court to extend the detention of the accused until after the trial.

The Jerusalem resident Andrew Wilkerson charged with murder 15.06.2017

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