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The Jewish Day of love: Israel — the leaders of the OECD in the number of weddings

On the eve of Tu b AV, also referred to as the Israeli Day of love, Central Bureau of statistics of Israel published the statistics of marriages in the Jewish state.

This document States that in 2015, official religious organizations have registered 53.579 marriages, 73% of which occur in the Jewish population of Israel.

For every thousand of the population in that year was married 6.4 – in the Jewish sector this ratio was 6.2, which is one of the highest rates among the member countries of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (OECD).

The average age of the first marriage is 27.6 years – in the Jewish sector for 28 years. Among women, the figure is 25.2 years and 26.1 years, respectively.

As a result of increasing age the number of grooms men-singles 25-29 years increased from 28% in the 70-ies of the last century to 62% by the end of 2015. Among Jews, this percentage increased from 13% to 46%.

The number of bachelors aged 45-49 years increased over the same period from 3% to 12%. Among Jews, this percentage increased from 2% to 9%.

In 2015 marriage abroad registered 9.300 couples in which one or both parties have Israeli citizenship.

Among couples registered their marriage in 2015, 87% are couples in which the bride and groom are marrying for the first time, 5,2% – where the bride and groom divorced, 4.4 percent divorced man and for the first time marrying a woman and 2.9%, and Vice versa.

Tu b’av is celebrated in 2017 7 Aug. This holiday is not that big and common as Valentine’s Day. Earlier in Israel for young people from different tribes to marry was forbidden, but there was one day when the ban was abolished — the 15th of AV.

No religious traditions, on this day the Jewish religion does not provide is the Day of love is just an excuse to bring joy to loved ones, to exchange small gifts and make an offer hands and hearts.

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The Jewish Day of love: Israel — the leaders of the OECD in the number of weddings 06.08.2017

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