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The Jews of London filed a lawsuit against the coroner, which prevents them to keep the tradition

Adath Yisroel Burial Society, the Jewish organization to hold a funeral, filed a statement of claim in the High court of England and Wales, which hears at first instance civil cases of special importance.

The defendant in this suit named Mary Hassell, senior coroner for the Metropolitan district St Pancras, which obstructed the carrying out of the funeral in time, corresponding to Jewish and Muslim traditions, wrote on Wednesday, March 28, the London newspaper the Jewish Chronicle.

Recall that Judaism and Islam require you to bury the dead as soon as possible – optimally in the day of death, and the fact that the maintenance of a Hassel is the largest Jewish religious community of Europe. Note that in the United Kingdom and is home to the world’s largest Muslim community.

Previously, this publication reported on a Nicolet Sinclair, whose father died in the hospital on December 20. The woman is not at least 210 times called the coroner’s office before he received permission for the funeral, which took place only on 24 December.

It is also known about the case when Mary Hassel said the family of the deceased that the funeral can be held no earlier than two weeks because so much time is required for dissection. Only after intervention of journalists by the coroner reduced this period to 24 hours.

The coroner’s office repeatedly sent Jewish families letters in which it was reported that on the date of the funeral cannot influence the religious beliefs of family members of the deceased.

Mary Hassell also quashed the order that allowed family members to be close to the body of the deceased at the mortuary of Carmel, owned by the Jewish community. She issued a special «order», which stipulated that the bodies of the representatives of the Jewish community should be in the morgue before the funeral «in General terms».

Trevor Asserson, a lawyer representing a Jewish organization to hold funerals Adath Yisroel Burial Society, said that the actions of the coroner constituted a grave violation of religious feelings of people who lost relatives.

The Jewish tradition considers it unacceptable to delay the funeral, with the exception of special occasions. It is not customary to have the body of the deceased was empty.

The Jews of London filed a lawsuit against the coroner, which prevents them to keep the tradition 28.03.2018

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