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The kidnapping of the British model: the offender is sick with leukemia. Details

A Polish-born Lukas Paul herb who has kidnapped British model Chloe Lhling and put it up for sale in the anonymous network «darknet» as a sex slave, trying, in parallel, to sell a story about her misadventures edition of the Daily Mirror.

About it writes on Tuesday, August 8, leading British newspaper the Telegraph.

30-year-old herb, who lives in Oldbury, in the County of West Midlands, member of the criminal group «Black Death», according to the investigation. He lured Chloe in Milan and promised to arrange a photo shoot the girl and then kidnapped her and within a week locked in a house situated in a rural location.

Herb threatened her that if her agent does not pay him a ransom of 300,000 dollars, then Chloe will be sold as a sex slave to one of the countries of the Middle East. Two days after the abduction, he sent an e-mail to the editor of The Daily Mirror, which said: «the British model stole the Russian mafia», and also attached pictures of captive.

On interrogation in police of Milan, the attacker admitted that «Russian mafia» were not related to the crime, but he believed that this term will make the abduction story more attractive to the press.

Members of a gang «Black Death» are suspected of trying to sell on the online auction of two young British women, Laura and Gemma, 15 and 17 years respectively, one of which, judging by the epithet «pure», a virgin. The starting price of one of the «lots» was 750,000 dollars, and the second – 120.000.

It is a crime committed in 2016, investigating Europol and the European centre for combating cybercrime.

Italian police demanded that Lhling was in Milan for three weeks after his release and testified against his pohititel who are detained and placed into custody.

During interrogation the girl, the police expressed surprise at the fact that two days before the release of Chloe, along with her kidnapper went to Piedmont to buy shoes. Lhling are unable to explain the reason of this strange experience and burst into tears. She also claimed not to have had sexual contact with Harbou, and he tried to rape her. The girl, however, promised to join with him in intimate relationship after «the whole story will end.»

Strange in this case and the fact that herb himself brought his captive to the police, passed her guards and was arrested. He explained the kidnapping that is suffering cancer and needs to raise half a million pounds for treatment. Any medical certificates confirming the diagnosis, he did not show.

The kidnapping of the British model: the offender is sick with leukemia. Details 08.08.2017

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