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The Knesset Committee on rules has assigned the reform of the law on the state regulation of fees and commissions

The Knesset Committee on rules has divided approved yesterday in the first reading the law on the regulation of national economy sections and distributed them among the various commissions of the Knesset for further consideration.

Part of the law on state regulation reform differentiated licensing businesses in coordination between the Ministry of Finance and the speaker of the Knesset Yuli Edelstein was in a separate law, which will be considered further separately according to standard procedure.

The Knesset’s internal Affairs have received for review 8 paragraphs, including measures for prevention of corruption in local authorities, the amendments to the law on planning and development, agreements with Land management, licensing of facilities of national significance and regulation in the field of fire protection.

8 paragraphs got for the consideration of the Finance Committee of the Knesset. In particular, we are talking about tax changes, on the transfer of funds from the cash management of airports to the state Treasury, the creation of a Fund for factories in a difficult situation, etc.

The Knesset Committee on employment and social welfare will examine 5 topics, including reforming health care and the change of mutual settlements between the national insurance Institute and insurance companies.

A special Commission to reform will consider the three paragraph concerns the private imports easing the transition between the banks and the transfer of functions of the Council on sports betting to the Ministry of Finance.

Economic Commission will consider the reduction of regulation in the TV market, the allocation of broadcast frequencies and the supervision over the observance of traffic rules with the help of technological tools.

On the same topic will receive the Commission on foreign Affairs and defense (benefits for reservists) and education (another delay funding after school programs).

The joint Commission the Committee on rules and economic Commission will consider the development of regional transport offices.

The legislative Committee of the Knesset will discuss the reform of the reporting of public companies.

The Knesset Committee on rules has assigned the reform of the law on the state regulation of fees and commissions 14.02.2018

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