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The Knesset discussed a bill to postpone the payment of «mashkanta» at dismissal

The Ministerial Committee on legislation approved on Sunday, June 25, the bill of the Deputy of the Swarms of flowers («Kulan») that allows you to postpone payments for a mortgage for clients who have lost their jobs. «Any man may face dismissal, Folkman commented on his initiative. — This inheritance is not only socially weaker sections».

The press service of the party «Kulanu» explains that the bill is designed to help people who have lost their source of income and therefore temporarily unable to pay their mortgages. This law will allow the unemployed to file a request for deferment of payments, in whole or in part, but not more than three consecutive months. For the entire term of the mortgage total term deferred payments will not exceed.

It is emphasized that for deferred payment will not be charged the penalty, it significantly increases. It is noteworthy that banks sometimes take similar steps in the case that the debtor is currently difficult to pay, but each Bank decides for each case individually, and the customer never knows in advance what he may expect in case of need. Given in the law the circumstances of the standstill and its redistribution will allow both banks and their customers know the rules for such conditions, will relieve them from uncertainty and guarantees the respite client, and mandatory repayment of the loan to the Bank.

«Mortgage loan is a large monetary commitment for a long period of time, with strict repayment conditions, which the customer accepts at the time of booking «mashkanta,» explains ROI Folkman. — However, life is dynamic and there are unexpected events and twists. Unexpected financial crisis can lead to the risk of losing the apartment. We offer respite, which neutralizes that threat, and thus will not cause any financial damage to the Bank».

The Knesset discussed a bill to postpone the payment of «mashkanta» at dismissal 25.06.2017

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