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The Knesset expanded the definition of «abuse of animals»

Monday, 14 December, the Knesset 84 votes, with no abstentions approved and voted against the final reading a law providing for a significant tightening of punishment for abuse of animals.

Among other things, the act expands the definition of «animal abuse», prohibits the carrying out of operations or repainting of an animal for decorative purposes, as well as the forced killing of an animal (except in cases of euthanasia terminally ill).

The maximum penalty for intentional animal abuse tightened to 4 years in prison and 226 thousand shekels fine.

The penalty for leaving an animal without care will cover not only the owner of the animal, but the persons, who the animal was, but not own it.

The law also imposes on the management of corporations working with animals, personal responsibility for control of the attitude towards animals and for the prevention of bullying.

The bill was put forward by the member Itzik Shmuli («Zionist camp») and combined with the bill of the Ministry of agriculture.

The Knesset expanded the definition of «abuse of animals» 15.12.2015

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