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The Knesset is developing the act on the integration of Jewish law in the judicial system

The Knesset’s legislation is developing a new draft bill, which aims the integration of Jewish law in the current judicial practice in Israel, according to Jonathan Lis in ha’aretz.

The original text of the bill, according to which judges were obliged to rely on «sources of Jewish law, before he turned to the judicial precedents in a world practice» has caused objections on the part of deputies from party «Kulan».

Updated version of the draft law speaks only of the creation of the state Institute of Jewish law, which will deal with the adaptation of canonical texts by translating them into the language of modern law and provide the judges. This should provide an opportunity for the judiciary to use the sources for decision making in ambiguous cases. The law will also contain a call for judges to rely on the principles of Jewish law. Haaretz quoted the head of the legislative Committee of Knesset Nissan Slomiansky («Bayt Yehudi»), who said that «the transformation of the sources of Jewish law more accessible will lead to the fact that judges are increasingly resorting to the principles laid down in these sources».

Jonathan Fox writes that the fraction of «Kulan» withdrew its objections and possibly will become one of the sponsors of the bill.

It is noted that the Basic law on court, which was approved in 1980-m to year, requires judges to act «on the basis of freedom, justice, straightforwardness and worlds inherent in the Jewish tradition», when they have to take precedent or drastic decisions. According to Nissan Slomiansky, «it was very unclear and vague terminology that require clarification.»

The Knesset is developing the act on the integration of Jewish law in the judicial system 23.02.2016

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