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The Knesset passed the «law on darkone» for new immigrants

Monday, June 26, in the second and third readings at the Knesset plenary session adopted the «Law on passports» relating to new immigrants.

The bill was initiated by the Deputy Oded Forer, and it says that new immigrants will be able to obtain an Israeli passport («Darkon») without the one-year «trial period» without «proof of residence in Israel.»

This bill was supported by 26 MPs. Voted «against» was not.

In the amendment law of 1952 stated, «the interior Minister cannot refuse a new immigrant who received Israeli citizenship in accordance with the Law of return, the results of the first passport just because of the fact that he is still «ingrained» in Israel.»

On the website of the Knesset stated that the law will take effect within 30 days after it is published, and it will also apply to those who immigrated prior to its adoption.

As reported earlier, the press service of the Knesset, after the adoption of the law also does away with the need to prove that the immigrant has been in Israel at least 75% of the time after repatriation.

Under the bill forera, returnees will receive a foreign passport immediately after you become citizens of Israel. Currently, this right is only granted after one year from the date of repatriation, and before that to travel abroad, they will be issued a temporary document «Lesse passe».

Oded Forer expressed satisfaction with the results of the vote. «I was able to correct a monstrous injustice and to equalize the new immigrants rights to citizens born in Israel. The new law recognizes the basic right of every citizen, along with obtaining ID cards, passing military service, granting him the right to elect and be elected it is, of course, have the right to have a passport of their country. Now, many new immigrants living in Israel, but is constantly forced to go abroad for and work can normally and without much ordeal to live in the country and to do their business. A shameful practice in which immigrants were considered citizens of 2nd class citizens, not entitled to a passport, finally gone,» said the author of the bill.

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The Knesset passed the «law on darkone» for new immigrants 27.06.2017

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