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The Knesset rejected four no-confidence motion

Monday, July 3, at the plenary session of the Knesset held a discussion on the four motions put forward by the government opposition parties.

The vote of no confidence was put forward by factions of the «Zionist camp», the United Arab list, and MERETZ «Yesh Atid».

The leader of the party «Yesh Atid» Yair Lapid said that the current government has no clear plan of action and so, it freezes or cancels legislative initiatives that were previously agreed upon. He reminded that it was thus repealed the «equal distribution of civil duties», the compulsory study of religious schools in mathematics and English language, the law on reducing the government to 18 Ministers. Lapid said that to be in opposition in this government hard. «It’s the task of the opposition to torpedo, freeze, insert sticks in the wheels, to hinder the work of the government. But we don’t follow you! You all are doing for us. Every time the opposition is trying to torpedo this or that, you are torpedoboote own actions,» said Lapid.

All four no-confidence motion put forward by opposition factions, was rejected by a majority of votes.

The Knesset rejected four no-confidence motion 03.07.2017

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