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The Knesset voted down a bill on civil unions

Wednesday, January 31, at the plenary session of the Knesset by a majority of votes rejected the bill on civil marriages, initiated by the faction of «Yesh Atid». Under the bill, Israeli citizens who cannot or do not want to get married through the Rabbinate, should be able to officially register their relationship, without leaving the country and get all the rights they are entitled to.

According to the Deputy of the Knesset of Constantine Razvozov («Yesh Atid»), one of the authors of the bill, the current government is methodically, step by step oppress the basic rights of the secular population.

«It hurts to see how the coalition is going to cave to all the demands of the ultra-Orthodox parties and completely disregard applies to secular citizens, forcing them to feel second-class citizens. But that they kept the country’s economy, security, and medicine. Apparently, the secular population has only duties: to serve in the army, pay taxes, work. And basic rights — they do not. It is necessary to end discrimination in which hundreds of thousands of Russian-speaking Israelis are deprived of the opportunity of creation of family,» said Razvozov.

Deputies from the faction of «Yesh Atid» note that the law on marriage is not a replacement or suppression of halachic marriage, and the only possible alternative for those who cannot or do not want to register the marriage through a religious court.

The Knesset voted down a bill on civil unions 01.02.2018

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