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The law on the police check on the lie detector

At the plenary session of the Knesset approved second and third readings of the law, initiated by Minister of internal security by Gilad Ardana requiring police officers to undergo a polygraph test.

They are going to inspect the persons holding positions that can be used to cause harm to society. It will become part of other tests, in which we can determine the level of access to classified information.

Check on the lie detector should be officers before promotion to the rank of major-General of police, candidates for the position of chief of the investigation Department and operations Department. In total, the test on the lie detector needs to be about 400 law enforcement officers.

Law enforcement officers with the rank of Colonel will have to undergo a polygraph test every five years.

If during the inspection there is any suspicion, the case will be submitted to a special Commission. If she comes to the conclusion that a particular police officer not correspond to his post, a decision will be taken about his future work in law enforcement.

The law on the police check on the lie detector 26.07.2017

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