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The lawyer tried to take away the ex-wife mansions, given to her «for loyalty»

A well-known lawyer, Creator of one of the largest law firms in the Middle East with offices located in nine countries, Essam al Tamimi, caught his wife in adultery, he hastened to give her two houses in Central London – one in Mayfair, worth 8 million pounds, the second – in Marylebone, cost 2 million pounds, reports the Daily Mail.

Commenting on his gift, 55-year-old lawyer, born in the UAE, residing in the island of Jersey (island Normandy) stated that the way he thanked his 35-year-old wife, Rosine al-Sharma, for loyalty.

However, after the divorce, which surfaced a lot of details the personal life of the lawyer, for example, the fact of his infidelity, al-Tamimi attempted to deprive wife donated the house. In addition, the Rosina al-Sharma said that her husband hid from her, belonging to her jewelry worth 1 million pounds.

The Jersey court engaged in the trial on the division of marital property, ruled in favor of the Rosina al-Sharma, stressing that in the past Essam al Tamimi has already hid their assets from the first wife, it is not surprising that he tried to do the same with the second wife.

The lawyer tried to take away the ex-wife mansions, given to her «for loyalty» 17.03.2017

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