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The leader of the French ultra-left against Macron: «the French did not support murderers of Jews»

Jean-Luc Melenchon, Chairman of the French «Left party», lashed out at President Emmanuel Macron, who said last week that the French government is responsible for deportation of Jews during the Second world war and their deaths in Nazi concentration camps, writes the newspaper the Jerusalem Post.

In his blog, Melenchon expressed confidence that the collaborationist Vichy government that collaborated with the Nazis, was not a legitimate authority, but such at that time was the legal government were in exile in the UK.

The leader of the French far-left considers «absolutely unacceptable» to blame for the deaths of Jews in the nation of France. He also sharply criticized Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who took part in held in Paris the ceremony of commemoration of victims of the Holocaust and the 75th anniversary of their deportation from the stadium Velodrome d’hiver, calling him a «leader of the extreme right-wing government».

Melenchon not agree with the wording of the Makron, who believes anti-Zionism is modern anti-Semitism. According to the leader «the Left party», this thesis is long outdated. He recalled that the macron became the first French President, who officially voiced this comparison.

Melanson also claimed that the French were never on the side of the murderers of the Jews, and their national character is most fully expressed Resistance fighters, who fought with the Nazis.

Recall that in July 1942, French police arrested 13,000 Jews, including many children. They were kept four days in the stadium Vélodrome d’hiver in horrific conditions, then sent to the death camp Auschwitz. Only a few hundred of them remained alive.

The leader of the French ultra-left against Macron: «the French did not support murderers of Jews»

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