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The leader of the white Suprematists, the U.S. has filed a lawsuit against Ohio University, which repealed his statement

Richard Spencer, one of the most prominent ideologues of contemporary white nationalism in the United States, filed a lawsuit at the State University of Ohio, who canceled his speech for security reasons.

About it writes on Monday, October 23, the website of the Israeli newspaper The Jerusalem Post.

The statement of claim in Federal court was filed by Cameron Padgett, a graduate of Georgia State University and agent Spencer, organizing his speech.

In the letter, which was written by Padgett’s lawyer, representing the interests of the University, stated the following: «Our University respects the right of citizens to freedom of expression, however, cannot provide a platform to the plaintiff in connection with the threat to public safety, which he represents, but also because of the danger of collapse and undermining of discipline in the University.»

The article says that the week before Spencer spoke at the University of Florida, and is the performance cost the University $ 500,000 in which the user has spent on security for the event. In addition, the Governor of Florida has imposed a state of emergency in the County where is located the University campus.

The campus of Ohio University located in Columbus, administrative centre of the state. Currently, there are more than 2.700 of Jewish students to 6% of the total number of students of this University. The campus is also home to 350 graduates of the Jews.

The University of Cincinnati, located in the same state, under threat of lawsuit did not dare to deny Spencer, but moved his speech indefinitely.

Last Friday, the lawyer Padgett has filed a lawsuit against the Pennsylvania State University, who refused to give the floor to Spencer – also because of security reasons.


Richard Spencer is President of the Institute of national policy, analytical center of movement of white Suprematism, and also heads the publishing house Washington Summit Publishers. He called for restoring the primacy of the status «abandoned» the white race and «peaceful ethnic cleansing» to stop «the collapse of European culture.» He claims that he is the author of the term «alternative right» ( alt-right), which refers to «the restoration of the identity of the white race».

Spencer and his organization had attracted considerable attention from the media after the presidential elections in 2016. At the conference of the Institute for national policy he quoted the slogans of Nazi propaganda, and condemned the Jews. In response to the cry Spencer, «Greetings trump, I salute our people, I welcome the victory!»», some of his supporters depicted the Nazi salute and chanted «Sieg Heil».

Richard Spencer was one of the inspirers and organizers of the riots in Charlottesville, Virginia, which killed three people.

The campaign, entitled «the Unity of right» was held in Emancipation Park, to ensure the order was attracted by hundreds of police. A few hours before, on Saturday night, a group of far-right activists organized a torchlight procession, which provoked clashes with their ideological opponents, injuring dozens of people.

The Governor of Virginia in connection with these events in Charlottesville imposed the state of emergency, and the mayor’s office announced the cancellation of the event the right-wing. To resolve the situation was brought additional forces of state police and National guard soldiers.

According to the website Wikipedia

The leader of the white Suprematists, the U.S. has filed a lawsuit against Ohio University, which repealed his statement

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