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The leaders of the «Zionist camp» came to the defense of Ksenia Svetlova

After a meeting of the Knesset Menachem Moses deliberately changed the name Ksenia Svetlova to insult her for her part in the ceremony of lighting the Hanukkah candles at the Western Wall, to protect «Russian Deputy» stepped leaders «Zionist camp».

Co-chair of the «Zionist camp», the leader of the party «-TNW» Tzipi Livni called the behavior of Moses «inappropriate». Livni noted that she is competent and professional politician, and adequately responded to the attacks in her address. «The words of Moses is an attempt to insult not only Xenia, but of all immigrants, all people who are different from Moses and his companions. This behavior find it unacceptable and categorically condemn. We will continue to fight for a society where people will respect each other. And I promise I will not allow anyone to hurt the honor and dignity of returnees and
to mock the Russians and all other names,» quoted Tzipi Livni, the press service of the «Zionist camp».

The incident also responded Isaac Herzog, the leader of the parliamentary opposition and the Chairman of the party. He called Ksenia Svetlov «one of the most worthy and staunch members of Knesset.» In his words, «the racist comments of the Deputy of Moses, supposedly forgotten how to pronounce the name, Xenia, is an act not worthy of the people’s choice, a statesman, and just low for a normal person».

Duke noted that the behavior is similar to what was demonstrated by Moses, «is offensive not only to the Deputy Svetlova, but also to the entire Russian community of Israel.» The Duke, as the leader of the party, assured Ksenia Svetlov its full support and promised that «nobody will allow such racist behaviour».

The leaders of the «Zionist camp» came to the defense of Ksenia Svetlova 08.12.2015

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