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The Lebanese government accused Israel of planned attack

The Lebanese government has accused Israel of implementing «attacks using modern technology,» reports Haaretz.

Thursday, may 11, the Secretary General of the Lebanese Shiite «Party of Allah» (Hezbollah) Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah has delivered a speech timed to the first anniversary of the death of Mustafa Badr al-DIN. At the same time, more than 10 thousand citizens of Lebanon sent a message through a network of WhatsApp, alleging that the death of the Budd al-DIN is Hassan Nasrallah.

The Lebanese government stated that it was a planned attack carried out by Israel. Thus, according to Lebanese authorities, the attack looked as if messages are being sent from Israel and from Lebanon. Calls also came from Syria, Iran and several European countries.

Terrorist organization Hizbullah said it is working with the Lebanese services, trying to figure out how it was produced large-scale attack.

The Lebanese government accused Israel of planned attack 13.05.2017

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