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The Likud demanded to launch an investigation against «Yesh Atid»

Wednesday, January 3, Likud appealed to the Ministry of justice with the requirement to initiate an investigation in respect of the party «Yesh Atid» on suspicion of unlawful use of information.

The appeal of Likud followed on the background of the action of the opposition party, in which she sent by e-mail messages with the header «You are going to close the city on Shabbat».
Legal Advisor of the Likud, And AVI-levy appealed to the head of the office for the protection of the private lives of citizens with a lawsuit against «Yesh Atid» and against its leader Yair Lapid.

In the Likud noted that the party «Yesh Atid» in the past have been fined tens of thousands of shekels for what was sent out during the election campaign to the Knesset, 20th convocation message to the survivors of the Disaster.

From the party «Yesh Atid» gave the answer: «the office of Netanyahu apparently completely ceased to govern the country, because it is too busy spreading lies and slander. They do not help, as nobody believes their nonsense that they spread, since they are in a panic. We used to send letters only to those who requested to receive messages of our party. All addresses were stored in accordance with the law, and each recipient received a message that he can remove your name from lists».

The Likud demanded to launch an investigation against «Yesh Atid» 03.01.2018

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