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The lower house of Congress voted for new sanctions against Iran

The house of representatives of the U.S. Congress overwhelmingly approved the proposed by deputies from the bipartisan bill imposing new sanctions on Iran, which continues to develop a ballistic long-range missiles, in violation of signed in July 2015 of the agreement with the West, which threatens to mention Donald trump.

About it writes on Thursday, October 26, the website of the TV channel ABC News.

The bill, initiated by a Republican from California ed Royce, head parlamentskogo of the foreign Affairs Committee and a Democrat from new York Eliot Engel, requires the White house to impose restrictions on companies and individuals involved in this program – working in Iran and beyond.

This bill was approved by 423 MP voted against only two. Note that none of the members of the lower chamber of the American Parliament has demanded the immediate cancellation of the concluded an agreement with Iran – despite the fact that some of them think it is bad.

Ed Royce, who is opposed to this transaction, believes that the United States and the leading countries of the West should leverage on the Islamic Republic to restrain its aggressive ambitions. This agreement gives international inspectors access to Iranian nuclear facilities. He fears that Iran will be able to build an atomic bomb before the expiration of this agreement.

Eliot Engel, for his part, believes that the way out of this agreement «will give a dangerous signal,» as allies and enemies. He believes preferable to strict control over compliance with the requirements contained in this document.

Recall that the results of the survey, conducted by SSRS on request news service CNN and published last weekend, indicate that two out of every three US citizens do not support trump’s desire to get out of the so-called «nuclear» deal with Iran and the leading Western countries in July 2015.

In the camp of the Democrats intentions of the President support two of ten, and in his own Republican party – about half: 48% vs 47%.

The lower house of Congress voted for new sanctions against Iran 26.10.2017

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