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The machine can cause fungal toxins, harmful

Trendy kitchen gadgets such as coffee machines, in recent years become a compulsory part of kitchen interior, can contribute to fungal toxins.

As noted by the science correspondent of Daily Mail Victoria Allen, the steam escaping from the espresso machine, «locked» in modern homes with quality insulation, can lead to fungus.

Often, this fungus that grows on the walls of the apartment, invisible to the naked eye. However, the harm that it brings to the inhabitants of the house, it is quite noticeable.

In particular, fungal toxins can be the reason that people living or working in the infected premises, will constantly suffer from asthma attacks, coughing, skin itching or headache. Fungal toxins (mycotoxins) may be irritating to the eyes, throat, sinuses, and bronchi and lungs.

Dr. Bailey, co-author of the study «particulate matter» fungal toxin, published in the journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology, says that the machine has a positive effect on the growth of the fungus. However, not only these, but almost all the gadgets, one way or another increase the humidity of the room.

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The machine can cause fungal toxins, harmful 24.06.2017

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