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The man managed to fend off a bear, almost biting off his nose

In the woods Sosva Sverdlovsk region bear attacked an unarmed man who collected mushrooms. 44-year-old Alexander Lopukhin, inspired by the «quiet hunting», not looking around and walked right into the clutches of the bear, near which ran a little bear, said

The bear attacked Lopukhin, grabbing him by the head and having several times to stab him with fangs. However, the man did not panic and gave the animal back, several times hitting the bear in the face. The duel lasted about ten minutes, writes Daily Mail. As a result, the stunned animal retreated, allowing Lopukhin to escape.

The man had to walk more than six kilometres, before his phone once again earned – then he managed to call an ambulance.

At the hospital Alexander was brought in with lacerations of the head and hands. In addition, the surgeons had to sew the patient bitten off the tip of the nose.

In the incident, Alexander Lopukhin blames only himself, claiming that the bear was behaving correctly, because she was protecting the baby and was at home.

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The man managed to fend off a bear, almost biting off his nose 12.08.2017

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