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The management of the radio RACK broke the promise of the «Russian» edition

On 7 February it became known that the management of the radio RACK flagrantly violated their commitments. Employees of the Russian edition received a letter from management stating that hiring new employees is postponed indefinitely.

The letter reads: «Despite the urgent need to replenish the ranks, «Russian» Department, despite the intervention of members of Knesset and Minister of absorption, despite the Finance Ministry’s decision on the allocation of funds, onboard new freelancers suspended indefinitely. There is an order to alter the schedule of employees so that new names in it did not appear».

The situation on the WRECK, January 12, were discussed at the Committee of the Knesset Aliya and absorption. At this meeting it was decided that not later than two weeks to work in the Russian-language edition for the period to 31 March will involve additional staff. In the editorial they say that additional staff has been included in the schedule of work this week.

Knesset member Ksenia Svetlova called «cynical» the decision of the Director of the WRECKS of the harbour Plaza Barely to violate the undertaken in the presence of Knesset members obligations. According to Svetlova, management of the radio station had enough time to solve all the formalities associated with hiring new people. Ksenia Svetlova promised to use its available as a member of the Knesset mechanisms to defend the rights of the Russian-language edition of the WRECK.

The management of the radio RACK broke the promise of the «Russian» edition 08.02.2016

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