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The Marker: Russian hackers blackmail the Israeli financial company

The Marker newspaper publishes investigative journalism Eitan Auriela, according to which several Israeli financial companies operating in the market of currency trading Forex, trade options, have become victims of hacker attacks and blackmail.

The victims were both Israeli companies and companies founded by Israelis, but operating abroad.

According to Auriele, in all cases, the crime was the same scenario: in the software company introduced the virus, the source of which, apparently, is in Russia or one of the other post-Soviet countries (this statement is based on the analysis of written English texts with threats).

After that, the management company has sent evidence of the introduction of the virus and the ransom note in the case of non-payment which criminals threatened to sell a list of customers or harm the company in another way.

In all cases, the size of the ransom was 500 bitcoins, that is about 120 thousand dollars at the current exchange rate. The journalist claims that every third blackmailing the company has agreed to pay the ransom without contacting the police.

The Marker: Russian hackers blackmail the Israeli financial company 08.10.2015

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