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The market of Internet services in Israel in 2017. The results of the survey

On the website completed survey «the Market of Internet services in Israel to 2017». In the survey, which was conducted over one day (October 16-17), participated 2073 respondents (1822 of them answered all 22 questions).


99% of respondents consider themselves regular Internet users. 17% become Internet users prior to 1995 (inclusive), 38% in 1996-2000, and 26 percent between 2001 and 2005, 10% in 2006-2010 and 6% in 2011 or later.

99% use Internet connection at home, 69% – at work, 62% – on vacation, 57% of the way.

The quality of the Internet infrastructure in Israel by our readers was given a 3.4 average rating between «satisfactory» and «good».

The quality of customer service Internet service providers in Israel received a lower rating is 3.2.

While 35% of respondents believe that over the past three years the quality of Internet infrastructure in Israel has improved, and only 5% reported deterioration. The majority of respondents, 54% believe that it remained unchanged.

45% of our readers at home using the services of the provider «Bezeq Beinleumi» (three years ago the figure was 43%). 24% are customers of HOTnet (this provider is in second place, although in 2014 it was not). 16% of clients 012 (25% in 2014). 13% – Netvision (23% three years ago). 11% – «Partner» (former «orange», clients of which in 2014 was 5% of our readers). 4,5% – the «Village» (2%). 4% – 018 «Expon» (2%). 2% – Triple C (2%). The share of other providers – no more than 1%.

However, 60% to connect to the Internet use the infrastructure of the company «Bezeq» (52% in 2014), 36% – HOT (40%), 5% – «Partner» (three years ago it was not), and 1% Unlimited.

Only 2% of respondents admitted that they don’t remember what company they pay for providers or the Internet infrastructure.

To provide access to the «home Internet» 41% pay a separate ISP and separate the company’s Internet infrastructure; 34% pay for a package of Internet service provider, and he is responsible for the provision of infrastructure; 18% pay for the package of services the company’s Internet infrastructure, as it is already responsible for the services of the Internet service provider. 6% admitted that they do not know what they are paying for these services.

According to the survey, the average Russian-speaking family in Israel in 2017 pays for home Internet a little more than 120 shekels a month. (Three years ago – about 130 NIS a month.)

86% of respondents said they used the home the speed of Internet connection over 10 Mbps (in 2014, the figure was 81%). Almost half of the respondents declare today that use the Internet at a speed of 40 Mbps and more (in 2014, only 28% said they have home access to the Internet at speeds of over 30 Mbit/s).

The vast majority of our readers (74%) do not use any extra services of the «home provider». 13% say they use email on the provider’s server, 10,5% use antivirus support provider, 4% – antyspamowy filter.

32% of respondents more than three times changed Internet providers over the years of living in Israel, 18% did so three times, 17% twice, 15% – once. 15% did not change provider never.


47% said they have changed the Internet provider after the reform of the wholesale telecommunications market (February 2015). 35% said they have changed the vendor’s Internet infrastructure, after the reform of the wholesale communications market.

The main reasons our readers are changing Internet providers-the services remain the same: dissatisfaction with cost of service – 50%, dissatisfaction with the quality of service – 42%, dissatisfaction with the quality of communication – 37%, dissatisfaction with connection speed of 33.5%, dissatisfaction with support – 26%.

37% of respondents experienced problems while trying to refuse the services of an Internet provider and go to another company.


Our survey allows to determine various Internet service providers in the audience, Respondents answered questions about whether they are satisfied with their ISP, and was called the best and worst Internet service providers, in their opinion.

Company «Bezeq Beinleumi» remaining the market leader, satisfied 68% (according to surveys 2014 and 2010 positive feedback gave more than 80% of the clients this company). 68% of clients 012 also declare that are satisfied with their provider (75% in 2014). Figure Netvision slightly worse – 62% (74% in 2014). HOTnet – 61%.

The companies occupying a small part of the market of Internet providing, the figure is as follows: 74% of customers 018 «Expon» satisfied with the quality of services – 63%, Triple C – 60%, «the Village» – 56%. «. Evaluation of other companies it is difficult to provide because of insufficient sampling.

When the question was asked about the companies that provide Internet infrastructure, 61% of customers «Bezeq» said he was pleased with the quality of services. Positive feedback was given about 55% of the customers HOT and 69% of customers «Partner». Assessment of company Unlimited it is difficult to provide because of insufficient sampling.

«Bezeq Beinleumi» was again named best Internet service provider in Israel – a this company was named the best 37% of respondents (in 2014 and 2010, this company called best 45% of our readers). Followed by: 012 – 15,5%, Netvision – 14%, HOTnet – 13%, – 8%, «the Village» – 4%, 018 «Expon» – 3%, Triple C – 2%. The share of other less than 1%.

Worst ISP of Israel 15% called Netvision, 14% – HOTnet, 12% – 012, 11% – «Bezeq Beinleumi», 8% – «the Village», A 6% Partner 3% – 018 «Expon», 2,5% – Triple the Share of other C. less than 2%.

The market of Internet services in Israel in 2017. The results of the survey 17.10.2017

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