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The materials of interrogation of a terrorist: Dafna Meir resisted to the last

The website Walla News first published the materials of interrogation of a 15-year-old Arab terrorist who killed the children’s eyes their mother is a resident of the village of Otniel Daphne Meir.

The terrorist, whose name is forbidden to publish because he has not reached the age of majority, during the interrogation, the Shin bet said that the day of the murder of Daphne Meir he was on vacation. Getting up around 10 am and after Breakfast, he watched TV, then went to the mosque, and came back and sat down again to televizoru TV. This time he turned on the Palestinian TV channel, where, he said, showed how Israeli soldiers humiliate and kill his peers-the Palestinians. In particular, talked about Arab teenage girls in traditional dress, which forced her to withdraw. According to the terrorist, he introduced this girl his sister and decided to take revenge.

He took a kitchen knife with 20 cm blade and headed towards the nearest Jewish settlement, and, reaching it, hiding behind a concrete barrier and began to look for the victim. In the window of one of the houses he noticed a woman in the traditional Jewish headgear, talking on a cell phone. With her in the house were two small children.

The terrorist began to wait, when she gets out of the house, and spent in wait about ten minutes. When a woman appeared at the door of his house, he ran to her and stabbed her in the stomach. The woman screamed, her scream ran out crying children. The terrorist pulled out a knife and again thrust it into the victim — this time in the chest. The woman struggled and tried to take away his weapon, but again and again he thrust into her, knocking her to the ground. When the knife stuck in the body of the victim, the terrorist left him and fled from the settlement. Returning home, he washed his hands, and then sat down with their parents to watch a Saudi movie that was on TV.

The questions of the investigators why he was left alive, the terrorist replied that Islam forbids to kill them.

Dafna Meir, the mother of six children, was killed on January 17. Two days later, the terrorist was arrested. On may 3, a military court found the resident of the village of Yatta guilty in the murder of Daphne Meir. On the night of 11 June, the Israeli military destroyed the house of a terrorist.

The materials of interrogation of a terrorist: Dafna Meir resisted to the last 19.06.2016

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