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The mayor of London said that learning from the Israelis to fight terror

Sadiq Khan, gave this week an interview with local newspaper The Jewish News, which reported: he personally and the Metropolitan police Scotland Yard conduct interviews with representatives of Israeli security services who give advice on the issue of the fight against terror.

«Members of my office are in contact not only with tel Aviv, but also in other settlements of Israel,» – leads edition of the words of the London mayor.

The mayor said that after the recent terrorist attacks in London and Manchester, the number of crimes of hate has increased significantly. He stressed that the police adopted the method of «zero tolerance» to such a Rold offences: «from Now on, there is no crime of hate will not be deemed trivial and of no interest to law enforcement. All criminals will be put behind bars».

This statement was made on Monday night, at the annual event, Jewish Care, which was attended by about 1000 guests. The participants met with thunderous applause. The mayor also said he will make every effort to improve relations between members of the Jewish community of London labour accused of an anti-Semitic approach.

The article States that after the interviews the police had taken a number of steps and, in particular, placed concrete blocks in the strategically important areas of the city – as do the Israelis.

The article also States that, according to statistics, the number of anti-Semitic and anti-Islamic incidents in the UK has dramatically increased after the Paris attacks 2015 and the murder of Lee Rigby in 2013.

The mayor of London said that learning from the Israelis to fight terror

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