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The media reported the death in Syria of Russian Boxing champion who fought on the side of the IG

The Russian news Agency RIA Novosti on the night of Tuesday, November 14, issued a report from Grozny called «the Long way home widows of the militants back to Russia.»

In this publication, in particular, mentioned about the deaths in Syria Vyacheslav Lapshin, born in 1981, lived in Ufa, which was a professional athlete and, according to his sister Olga, a world Boxing champion. She says Vyacheslav 15 years ago converted to Islam, but the family was cool about it, and believed that the brother was «brainwashed» at a mosque he attended.

Returned from Syria, the widow of Vyacheslav 30-year-old Rufina with four children aged from two months to ten years (the father of the younger child was not the Vyacheslav). According to Olga, Rufina 11 times tried to escape from Syria.

Vyacheslav Lapshin, according to the publication of RIA Novosti, was killed in March 2016. It is known that his mother about his son’s death was not reported, but Vyacheslav sister of his brother’s death was notified before the return of Rufina with children.

On websites devoted to Boxing, is really mentioned about Vyacheslav Lapshin (born June 21, 1981) from Ufa, which, in particular, was one of the winners of the «II Small Olympic games» – the domestic competitions in 2006. On the website of the Boxing Federation of the Republic of Bashkortostan still have the name of Vyacheslav Lapshin from the sports club «Innovator». According to the site Vyacheslav Lapshin spent in Russia not less than eight professional Boxing bouts, four of which won. The website writes about nine fights and five victories Lapshin. He was a participant in many tournaments. But on the participation and the victory of Vyacheslav at the world championship on Boxing sites not mentioned, although the Russian championship belt he had.

RIA Novosti calls the name of another Russian woman who came back from Syria. This is Ramin Sharipov, returned with three children.

The stories of these women look like. In 2015 they with their husbands and children had left «on vacation» in Turkey and then the men took them to Syria. After the death of the spouses of these women tried unsuccessfully to return to Russia.

Almost 90 women and children returned from August in Russia from Syria, where they went with their husbands, who joined ISIS, says Russian news Agency.

13 November it was reported that active in Northern Syria, the Kurdish authorities gave the representatives of the Russian Federation, women and children of Chechen militants of the terrorist group «Islamic state». They were captured during the battle for Raqqa – the capital of ISIS’s «Caliphate.» In total Russia sent 13 women and 29 children. They are all citizens of the Russian Federation. The statement of the Kurdish self-defence, quoted by TV channel «al Arabiya», it was emphasized that none of them did not participate in hostilities.

The terrorist group «Islamic state» fought thousands of European citizens, including Russians. The vast majority of Russian citizens were natives from the North Caucasus, with the high command of the group.

Recall that a significant number of foreigners were captured and the Iraqi army during the battle for Mosul. In total, we are talking about 1.400 wives and children of militants. They were sent to the camp, located South of Mosul. Most of the detainees were citizens of Turkey. However, there were a significant number of citizens of the States located in the post-Soviet space: Russia, Azerbaijan, and Tajikistan.

The media reported the death in Syria of Russian Boxing champion who fought on the side of the IG 14.11.2017

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