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The member of «Likud» offers to block free access to pornography and gambling

Knesset member Miki Zohar («Likud») has prepared a new bill to block free access of Israelis to the porn sites and gambling via computers and mobile phones, according to the radio station Galei Tzahal.

The bill proposes to introduce a practice whereby a user wishing to access such resources must refer to the provider requesting the access, and the provider should verify that the request came from an adult.

According to the Deputy of the Zohar, the purpose of his bill is to protect children from unwanted Internet content.

In an interview with halite, Altstein (Galei Tzahal), he said that he «will not hurt the heart, if the citizens will make the access to pornography and gambling».

Note that this kind of proposal is not the first time put forward in the form of bills in the Knesset. In December 2013 the Deputy from party «Our house Israel» Orly Levi-Abekasis initiated the draft law on blocking access to websites calling for violence, containing pornography and other material that «may harm children». This bill was endorsed by the inter-Ministerial Commission on legislation and passed the preliminary reading, but in the end, was never adopted.

Two years ago the problem of «pornography on Internet» were puzzled by two of the group of deputies working on two similar bills. Alternative (but very similar) the bill was developed by the Pnin Tamno-Shata («Yesh Atid»), Orit Struk (the»Bayt Yehudi») and Yoel Razvozov («Yesh Atid»).

Seven years ago the MP Amnon Cohen (SHAS) proposed a bill according to which each ISP would be obliged to provide its customers with the service of filtering «inappropriate content» (pornography, violence, online casino). «Cohen’s law» obliges providers to notify all clients about new services and offer them to use it. The Ministry of communications of Israel, which was then headed by Ariel Attias (SHAS), actively supported bill Cohen. The Ministry planned to form a special Commission that would define the resources to which access may be closed using the hardware and software provider, if the client wants to use the filtering service information. This bill was not supported by the Knesset.

Subsequently a law was passed Alex Miller («Our home Israel»), allowing the service providers at the request of the client to block for his computer to access pornographic websites. In 2012 a Deputy from NDI lia Shemtov offered to do the mandatory blocking of websites, but the offer was made shortly before the parliamentary elections and therefore was not considered by the Knesset.

On the Gaza strip for the fourth year providers to block «unwanted content». The corresponding decree was issued on August 30, 2012 by the Ministry of information in the government of Hamas. According to the Minister of information Osama al-Release, this was done to protect «Palestinian society».

The member of «Likud» offers to block free access to pornography and gambling 10.12.2015

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