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The member of the Seimas demands to expel the Israeli Ambassador in Poland

Polish Senator Ian Sarin, representing the Seimas of the ruling party «law and Justice», has stated that he would not shake hands with Israeli Ambassador Anna Azari that he finds it necessary to expel from the country. «Wine» the Ambassador is that Azari noted the growth of anti-Semitism among the poles.

This was announced at the end of last week, the website of the Polish newspaper Wiadomosci.

«If one considers our party involved in the persecution of Jews initiated by the Communist regime in 1968, I am such a person will not shake hands. But if these views are voiced by the Ambassador of a foreign state, then this lady needs to leave our country», – quotes the edition a quote from an interview of sarin given to them last Friday.

We will remind that Israel’s Ambassador to Poland, Anna Azari, took part in the ceremony on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the expulsion of the Jews, held at the gdańsk station, where they went abroad.

«In the past month and a half he returned to Poland an anti-Semitic demons – despite the fact that the country has almost no Jews left. And some argue that this exile, which, however, has not helped Gomulka and the Communists, to solve social problems, was not» – authors of the article Azari.

The Israeli Ambassador is fighting for openness and honesty stories, as «the truth helps not only to understand past but also to create a democratic and tolerant society».

As already subscales, February 2, the Embassy of Israel in Warsaw issued a statement in Polish, which States: «We cannot be silent about the wave of anti-Semitic attacks against us personally and against Ambassador Anna Azari».

According to this statement, we are talking about anti-Semitic statements, the majority of which is public Polish television and social networks.

The statement stressed that, if anti-Semitic attacks before flooded, mostly the Polish segment of the Internet, the last time they broke into the media. In particular, the Director of the state TV station TVP 2 Marcin Wolski said in a broadcast that the Nazi death camps should be called Jewish, because the Jews worked in the gas chambers. Earlier anti-Semitic statements allowed himself in his mini-blog on Twitter, the famous Polish Explorer Rafal’ve.

A day earlier, the Senate (the upper chamber of the Parliament) of Poland adopted a law on criminal liability for propaganda of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalists, the denial of the Volyn massacre and allegations of complicity of poles with the Nazis during the Second world war.

We are talking about amendments to the law on the Institute of national memory, according to which, in particular, a man publicly accusing Poland for crimes committed during the Holocaust, the complicity of Nazi Germany, war crimes or crimes against humanity can be sentenced to imprisonment for a term of three years.

The law prohibits the use of the phrase «Polish death camp» when describing the concentration camps that existed on the territory of occupied Poland. Punishment will be subjected to those who try «to consciously downplay the responsibility of the real perpetrators of these crimes».

This law caused a mixed reaction in Israel. For several days prior to the approval of the law by the Senate of Poland, its content was discussed by the Israeli and Polish politicians.

February 1, Minister of transport Yisrael Katz called on the Prime Minister and Minister of foreign Affairs Benjamin Netanyahu to manage the immediate recall of the Ambassador of Israel in Poland Anna Azari for consultation.

The member of the Seimas demands to expel the Israeli Ambassador in Poland 11.03.2018

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