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The met office, on Thursday next possible snowfall in Jerusalem

According to an updated forecast of state weather Bureau, Thursday, February 16, amid the cold and rain, snowfall not only on the Hermon and other peaks of the Golan heights, but in the mountainous areas of the center of the country, including Jerusalem.

Mountain resort Hermon is still closed to visitors due to weather conditions.

In today’s forecast says that the possible weak snowfall in the mountains of Central Israel. But it is unclear about what height above sea level is it, and can be formed a steady snow cover.

The site «the snow forecast for Jerusalem has not yet confirmed. It is reported that on February 16 in the capital of Israel air temperature drops to 1 degree of heat (and will be the lowest over the past few weeks), rain is expected.

Official website of the municipality of Jerusalem has also not publish warnings about the possibility of snowfall in the capital.

Friday is expected to show gradual increase in air temperature.

In the current winter season this will be a «third attempt» snowfall in Jerusalem.

The previous snowfall in the Golan heights and the Upper Galilee were observed on 27-28 January. Then wet snow was on the hills of Jerusalem, but the snow cover in the mountains of the center of the country was not formed. It does not exclude the snowfall in Jerusalem and 8-9 January, but expectations were not fulfilled.

In the past winter season, heavy snowfall in the mountainous areas of the North and centre of the country was observed on 25-26 January 2016.

— Snow storm in January 2016. Photos

The most snowy winter in Israel

«Most snow» in the last decade was a winter storm in December 2013 and in January of 2013, when snow fell even in the coastal areas of the country, and snow in Jerusalem kept for about a week. Before «the snowy» over the past 20 years forecasters called winter season 2011-2012.

Once the snow falls in Jerusalem, and in the second half of March. On the morning of 17 March 1998 in the capital was dust storm, the air temperature was over 20 degrees Celsius, in the afternoon it began to rain, and by evening the snow fell and the morning of 18 March Jerusalemites were snowdrifts on the streets.

The most snow in the history of Israel is the February, 1950, when the snow within a few days was covered not only North and hills in the Jerusalem area, but almost the entire country, including tel Aviv.

The met office, on Thursday next possible snowfall in Jerusalem 15.02.2017

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