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The Ministers approved purchase hundreds of Armored personnel carriers «Eitan», and development of new artillery weapons

Sunday, 11 March, the Ministerial Committee for security Affairs approved the plan of the Ministry of defense for strengthening the land forces of the IDF. The plan consists of two main projects that were inherent in the multi-year programme, «Gidon»: purchase of hundreds of wheeled APCS «Eitan» and the development of new artillery guns for the army.

BTR «Eitan», is administered by the management development tank «Merkava» and armored vehicles at the Ministry of defence (MANTAK). During its development were taken into account the experience of the IDF operation protective edge. It is intended gradually to 2020 and beyond, to replace the old M113 Armored personnel carriers, which are now in service of the IDF.

The press service of the Ministry of defense notes that «Eitan» is the most advanced and most secure wheeled military vehicle in the world. He will have the active protection system, similar to the one that exists in APC «Namer» and the tank «Merkava Siman 4», and also another additional system of protection that is unparalleled. Its main advantages are high mobility and low cost (about 50% of «Intend»), which will produce a larger number of units at a higher pace.

The Ministerial Commission for the purchase of approved development and acquisition in the next decade, the latest self-propelled artillery guns, which will replace those that exist today. This project is administered by the office for the development of weapons and technological infrastructure of the Ministry of defence (MAFAT).

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman: «the project is the purchase was approved unanimously, and now we can announce that in the decade in the army, the IDF will be a substantial improvement. First we will provide the IDF with hundreds of wheeled APCS with active protection system and other advanced features. In the artillery troops will also be a real revolution. There was approved the project development of instruments of new generation. Ten years from now the army will look completely different. More effective, faster, more technological. In addition, these solutions will be a real help to local industry, from Kiryat Shmona to the settlements on the border with the Gaza strip, who will participate in the design and manufacture of products, for a total amount of billions of shekels for ten years», — quotes the head of the defense Ministry’s press service.

The Ministers approved purchase hundreds of Armored personnel carriers «Eitan», and development of new artillery weapons 12.03.2018

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