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The Ministers approved the bill toughening the ban on the work shops on Saturdays

The Ministerial Committee on legislation approved a draft law to strengthen the status of the «Sabbath». The bill was proposed by a member of «Likud» Mickey the Zohar.

Introducing his bill, the Deputy of the Zohar pointed out that despite the fact that the Law on hours of work and rest and some other legislative acts stipulates the status of the Sabbath, these laws are routinely violated, often commercial enterprises.

In the proposed act contains a clear prohibition to work on Saturdays for all businesses except those who have received individual permission from the Minister of economy.

The law also prohibits a lease to include a clause requiring the owners of businesses or shops to work on Saturdays.

Entrepreneurs will be able to sue the competitors, operating on Saturdays, with a requirement to compensate their business for damages.

Miki Zohar believes that his proposed law will protect owners of small businesses, and shops, who cannot compete with large retail chains, and forced to work seven days a week out of fear of losing to competitors.

Radio station «Sieves Beth» said that the law allows the Zohar to work on Saturdays petrol stations and restaurants.

The amendments proposed by Miki Zohar, must be approved by Parliament. Radio station «Sieves Beth» was told that in the near future the bill will be submitted to the Knesset for a vote in a preliminary reading.

The Ministers approved the bill toughening the ban on the work shops on Saturdays 20.12.2015

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