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The Ministry of agriculture is offering a cash reward for shooting of wolves

The Ministry of agriculture offers farmers breeding sheep and cattle, a reward for the shooting of wolves. The prize for the head of an adult wolf – 2,000 shekels for cub 500 shekels.

Information on the awards is included in the Ministry two weeks ago a program to support livestock grazing on open countryside. The program is aimed at improving pastures and pest control.

According to the newspaper «gaarets» referring to the management of nature protection and national parks, the practice of shooting wolves introduced in 1998 after the mass poisoning of animals due to the use of poison by farmers to protect livestock.

The publication quotes the environmental management Amit Doleva, according to which a license to shoot every wolf is given separately, and the award is given to the government to allow farmers to hire a professional hunter. In recent years in the Golan heights, hunters shot an average of about 30 wolves per year.

The Ministry of agriculture emphasize that the premium is paid only for shooting under licence from the Department of nature protection, carried out in the permitted area.

Note that in many parts of Israel, the wolf population had almost disappeared and the environmentalists had to make efforts to restore it. In total, the wolf population is currently estimated at 400 individuals, most of whom live in the Golan heights.

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The Ministry of agriculture is offering a cash reward for shooting of wolves 13.03.2018

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