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The Ministry of education forbade the teaching in schools is a novel about love between a Jewish woman and an Arab

The Ministry of education banned teaching in schools ebook Dorit rabinyan a «Living fence» («Gader Haya»), describing the love of a Jewish translator named LIAT and artist Arab named Hilmi.

Professional Commission recommended the novel for inclusion in the school curriculum, but the Ministry of education vetoed.

According to the newspaper Haaretz, the Ministry motivated the withdrawal of the book from the curriculum, «the need to keep the heritage and identity of students of all strata of Israeli society». According to representatives of the Ministry, «description of intimate relations between Jews and not Jews are a threat to the education and preservation of identity and consciousness». In the Ministry of education emphasize that «students in their Teens do not yet have a comprehensive view of the world and unable to appreciate the dangers of assimilation.»

From the office of the Minister of education has said he «fully relied on the opinion of the authorities of the Ministry.»

Ha’aretz quoted the words of the author Dorit Rabinyan. In her opinion, «there is a lot of irony in a novel that raises the issue of fear of the Jews before the assimilation in the world of the Middle East, is withdrawn from the school curriculum for the same reason.»

It is reported that the initiative for inclusion of books in school program belonged to the teachers of literature in several schools across the country. The novel was suggested that the study of literature into the fifth level of complexity.

The book was approved by the professional Commission, headed by Haifa University Professor Rafi by Vipercom. However, the acting head of the pedagogical Secretariat in the Ministry of education Feng the Dahlia, and the head of the Department of social Sciences and Humanities, Eliraz Kraus opposed and blocked the Commission’s decision.

The decision of the Ministry of education has caused the sharp criticism of deputies from left-wing parties. Tamar Zandberg (MERETZ) said that it would require to discuss this matter at a special meeting of Knesset Commission on education. Sandberg called the decision «yet another act of racist censorship, which we have long observed». MERETZ leader Zehava Gal-on said that her party is organizing a protest near the Ministry of education.

The Ministry of education forbade the teaching in schools is a novel about love between a Jewish woman and an Arab 31.12.2015

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