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The Ministry of energy does not intend to reduce the consumption of coal

Prepared by the Department of energy national plan on increase of efficiency of the energy system and promotion of renewable energy does not reduce use of coal.

According to The Marker, the Ministry is ready to completely abandon the construction of a new coal power plant in Ashkelon, however, will not reduce coal use at existing power plants in Ashkelon and Hadera.

In addition, the Ministry of energy requires the Department of Finance to refrain from raising the excise tax on coal.

This plan is contrary to the requirements of the Ministry of ecology, whose leadership intends to demand that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to intervene in the inter-Ministerial conflict.

Currently about 60% of the electricity generated in the power plants of state electric companies («Israel Power») based on the use of coal, which is cheaper natural gas, however, has a much stronger negative impact on the environment.

In the Ministry of energy claim that the current gas infrastructure in the country is not able to provide the volume of supplies, enough to increase the share of natural gas in the electricity generation process.

The Ministry of energy does not intend to reduce the consumption of coal 03.12.2015

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